Wetzel’s Pretzels (Wetzel’s), the nation’s fun-loving pretzel brand, recently expanded its Michigan footprint with a new food truck rolling through Metro Detroit. Savoring this momentous opening for the brand, Alicia Powell is operating the mobile bakery as one of the brand’s distinguished ‘Access to Equity’ entrepreneurs.   

Wetzel’s Pretzels’ Access to Equity program was created to improve inclusivity for women and minorities who are seeking opportunities for entrepreneurship. The brand’s food truck concept is one of the many format options available through the program with a distinctive ease of entry, cost efficient business model and strong unit economics that extends the Wetzel’s entrepreneurial opportunity to a more diverse array of individuals. 

“The launch of the first Metro Detroit Wetzel’s Pretzels food truck marks an exciting chapter in my life, blending my passion for food with dedication to fostering strong and vibrant neighborhoods,” says Powell. “I’ve always believed that a strong commitment to the community is essential for any successful venture. My experience in multifamily housing development has given me valuable insights into the needs and preferences of diverse communities. With the Wetzel’s Pretzels truck, I aim to not only serve delicious and affordable treats, but also create a welcoming space for neighbors to connect and enjoy. The Access to Equity program allowed my dream to become a reality, providing me with the necessary assets to get started. I have well-established relations with my local community that I plan to engage with through the food truck, whether participating in local events, supporting charitable initiatives, or collaborating with nearby businesses, I look forward to handing out Bitz of joy to those who love the brand’s delicious pretzels as much as I do.” 

Wetzel’s is putting its foot on the gas for massive expansion of its food truck concept and is more equipped than ever to satisfy consumers’ hunger for pretzels. With a rapidly growing mobile fleet, the brand is making its sweet and salty snacks more accessible than ever. Some operators are adding multiple trucks to their territory due to their high demand and feasibility, further driving the brand’s new unit growth.  

“Our food trucks offer a chance to connect with fans more frequently,” says Vincent Montanelli, COO at Wetzel’s Pretzels. “With a manageable cost of entry and accessible financing options, opening a Wetzel’s food truck is an attractive opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Through our Access to Equity program, we’re proud to provide Alicia with that necessary pathway to business-ownership.”

Demand for the brand’s mobile units went into overdrive after immensely successful debuts at last year’s Rose Bowl Game, Rose Parade® Fan Fest and NASCAR races, attracting new prospective owners with the flexible format’s long lines, low food cost and simple operations. Wetzel’s beloved yellow trucks have even been seen at private celebrity events, showcasing the brand’s status amongst the highest-profile individuals. Wetzel’s has been sharing its signature handheld happiness ever since its founding in Pasadena, California in 1994. The brand continues to attract a cult-like following in communities across North America through its cool, SoCal feel and crave-worthy snacks that cultivate special moments of pure pretzel bliss between friends, family and colleagues.

Wetzel’s Pretzels franchisees benefit from being a part of a nationally recognized brand and its devoted following. With a proven business model that satisfies cravings for handheld snacks on the go, simple operations, a growing consumer base and franchise availability remaining in attractive markets, Wetzel’s can twist and turn into any design or location. Even better, franchisees are backed by an experienced leadership team for individualized support.

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