Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish announced the opening  of a new downtown flagship bagel shop (143 Chambers Street) which replaces their store across the street. The classic cast iron loft is 1,800+ square feet, doubling the size of their  former Tribeca shop, which was their first location to open sixteen years ago. In addition to  hand-rolled bagels, craveable sandwiches and freshly-brewed La Colombe Coffee, customers  can enjoy seating for 50 in a modern, custom-designed space featuring local artwork and a  Zucker’s branded bicycle on display. 

To celebrate their opening, Zucker’s Tribeca will introduce many new menu items including:  

  • The Smyth Tavern BEC, a summer special sandwich featuring Zucker’s signature  applewood smoked bacon, melty cheddar and fried eggs alongside a smoky and garlicky  special sauce from neighboring restaurant Smyth Tavern’s ExecuTve Chef Jason Krantz  

  • The Pizza BEC, a pizza bagel topped with a fried egg and choice of bacon, sausage or  pepperoni  

  • The Wild TradiConal highlights silky wild smoked salmon sourced from Bristol Bay,  Alaska and smoked by Acme Smoked Fish on a hand-rolled bagel  

  • Ten new omeleFe boards that turn Zucker’s signature egg sandwiches into omeleXes  that are served with a latke (potato pancake) and a bagel or fruit salad  

  • Pat La Frieda Burgers and Feltman’s Hot Dog grilled to order 

  • A new line of five Zucker’s chocolate bars made by a local chocolaTer 

  • Coming soon: cold brew floats featuring La Colombe coffee paired with vanilla gelato  


Zucker’s champions its vendor partners including La Colombe Coffee, Acme Smoked Fish,  Esposito’s Meats, Guss’ Pickles and many others listed on the walls of every shop. They also  offer many vegan options including gluten-free vegan bagels from Little Northern Bakehouse and plant-based cream cheeses, including options from new-to-market company Stockeld  Dreamery. 

The inviting space was conceptualized by founder Matt Pomerantz as a way to highlight many Tribeca and New York-based businesses, with many special design features: 

  • “Liquid Light,” a gold-leafed mural by David Bender adorns the new store, marking the 6th art installation in a Zucker’s shop from the Brooklyn artist

  • A custom bike from Priority Bicycles is on display; Priority is an award-winning Tribeca based bike company that makes a line of low-maintenance bikes 

  • Custom iron shelving and blade sign from Ferra Designs, a celebrated metalwork fabricator and anchor tenant of the Brooklyn Navy Yard  

  • A hand-painted mural on brick from local painter Kurt McRobert 

  • Signage from New York based vendors Let There Be Neon and Print Structures  


The past year has been one of expansion for Zucker’s: at their midtown location (370 Lexington  at 41st Street), the company expanded into the next door space while adding 70 seats, a  dedicated pick-up counter, and a dedicated commissary for their nationwide shipping business.  Also in 2022, Zucker’s opened a new store facing Bryant Park (1065 Sixth Avenue) where they  recently added a grab & go selection of wine, beer and cocktails. 

All Zucker’s locations now offer pick-up and delivery on a new platform run by TOAST. Customers can order via zuckersbagels.com and rack up loyalty points as part of their new  rewards program. Zucker’s also delivers catering throughout Manhattan and ships bagels and brunches nationwide.  

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