April 2014

    Pork was promoted for years as “the other white meat” to boost its exposure and dispel consumer perception that it’s too fatty.

    It's time for quick serves to take a fresh look at swine.

    Competition in the quick-service industry is heating up after Taco Bell rolled out hard-hitting advertising for its new breakfast menu with jabs at McDonald’s that suggest the quick-service leader

    Despite the research and years of experience that went into creating Burger 21, the concept’s president has been surprised by one aspect of the business: the brand’s broad consumer appeal.

    Scaling Food Safety

    It could happen to any restaurant.

    Business is strong, with sales and unit counts growing quickly. Optimism abounds for a healthy future.

    The Name Game

    With constant pressure to churn out innovative menu items, some quick serves are protecting and marketing unique creations through trademarks, which, while tricky to obtain, have paid off handsomel

    From Bricks to Bread

    At first glance, a nonprofit subdivision developer and a sandwich restaurant seem a far-fetched choice for partnership—ham and cheese and mortgages have seemingly little in common.

    When Hard Work Pays Off

    Having immigrated to the U.S. from Haiti in 2000, Ricardeau Scutt embodies what it means to live out the American dream.

    The Healthcare Dilemma

    From its controversial rollout to its wide-reaching impact on individual healthcare plans, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has dominated recent headlines.

    The Upper Crust

    The fast-casual pizza category is booming with its more personalized customization experience, and traditional quick-serve pizza brands are taking note.