April 2015

    As restaurant operators look for additional methods to expand their sales and market their brands, preparing meals in advance has increasingly become a means of accomplishing that.

    The meal as we know it is in a state of considerable flux, if not outright decline.

    No one knows how many community cafés are operating in the U.S. today. The model is just now gaining momentum.

    Each morning at Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine, California, employees from across various departments start the day with an informal “newsroom” meeting.

    Doing the Deal

    The merger of two titans—Burger King and Tim Hortons—closed the books on 2014.

    Tops in Translation

    Q:My group is bringing a new vending concept to the North American market: a pizza vending machine.

    How to Serve Your Neighbors

    Different quick-service companies have different strategies driving their philanthropic initiatives. For some, fighting hunger is a natural fit, whether through donating meals or raising funds.

    The State of Real Estate

    As president of Ohio-based Marco’s Pizza, Bryon Stephens oversees a 600-unit chain poised to add 175 units this year.

    Start to Finish: Dan Kim

    I always remember having an interest in the quick-serve industry, and branding in general, before starting Red Mango in 2006.

    Standout Store: Bull City Burger & Brewery

    Since opening in March 2011, Bull City Burger & Brewery has become a hit in downtown Durham, North Carolina, a line routinely extending out the door for the eatery’s built-to-order burgers craf

    Ones to Watch: CREAM

    A homemade treat made for neighborhood kids has become a growing dessert concept in California that chief operating officer Jim Ryan expects the rest of the country to be screaming for in the next

    Quick, with a Conscience

    Jeff Sinelli never thought he’d end up in the Guinness Book of World Records. And he’s not so sure it’s something he’ll make a habit of pursuing.

    How to Empower Your Employees

    By the time Steve Foltz was 24, he was the district manager of five Rax restaurants, and in 1989, Foltz became a partner with brothers Tom and John Whittaker and started the franchise company Cinna

    A Big Thanks

    Before their guests bite into a ButterBurger or enjoy a spoonful of frozen custard, Culver’s franchisees want them to know about the most important stakeholder in the Culver’s system, the people wh