August 2010

    Look out quick serves: Generation Y, aka the Millennial Generation, is coming on strong. From third-graders to grownups pushing 30, they want it their way from Burger King and every other industry player. The smart restaurants will make sure to comply, because the Millennials number 92 million, making them the largest generation in the country. And they aren’t the grin-and-bear-it type.

    “Like most people, those of the Millennial Generation value an operation that takes responsibility for its products and services, is honest in the way it conducts its business, and makes customers feel like they matter,” says Lee Igel, assistant professor at New York University’s Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management. “But their feelings about all of this, and the way they react to good or poor products and services, are more intense than those of prior generations.”

    When 17-year-old Fred DeLuca decided he’d try to earn his college tuition by launching a sandwich shop, he and partner Peter Buck set a goal of opening 32 outlets in 10 ye

    The battle to hire and keep the best people starts with the first time you have contact with prospective employees.

    Rock-Solid Foundation

    The concept of morality often conjures up notions of grand, abstract debates concerning religious faiths, relative social norms, and political persuasions.

    The Five Guys Mistake

    We’re in a really huge shift in the way we do second locations, and customers’ particular tastes have changed. You’re really seeing the customers’ tastes be that if he doesn’t want to go to the Ruby Tuesday, which is the same everywhere, or even the McDonald’s, the customer’s tastes are, “I want my uniqueness, I want my neighborhood feel, I want something special.” That’s why you’re seeing some real struggle with restaurants trying to go out and duplicate what they had and it not being successful. You also don’t want to duplicate exactly because it’s really hard to do.

    How to Do it Right: Hiring

    The battle to hire and keep the best people starts with the first time you have contact with prospective employees.

    3 Tips from Food Trucks

    Food trucks are popping up everywhere. And these new mobile units have come a long way from the college-campus roach coaches of questionable quality.

    Stay True to You

    How can growing concepts move into franchising while still maintaining their core identity?

    All About the iPad

    When the iPad was introduced in late January, the tech world buzzed about the gadget’s possibilities and visionary applications.

    Quick-Serve U.

    There’s a Wingstop in Dallas where the counters aren’t so neat and the owner drips batter onto the floor, and when tongs fall into the deep fryer, managers stare inside th