December 2013

    Turning accompaniments into accomplishments to complete a meal.

    New types of competitors, digital innovation, and rapid economic changes are transforming the restaurant business.

    Airport locations bring benefits, challenges.
    New fried sides give customers wider variety of accompaniments.

    Circles and Squares

    The scenario plays out something like this: I am sitting at home on a Sunday evening, talking with my beautiful wife, when suddenly I get inspired.

    Sustainability 2.0

    When Arianne Bennett opened the Amsterdam Falafelshop in Washington, D.C., in 2004, she had some ambitious sustainability aims: green products, solar power, composting, community dumpsters.

    Take Care of the Community

    Jim Pagano knows what it takes to run a successful business venture, having previously worked in electrical product manufacturing in Asia and in home-furnishing stores.

    Time for a Change

    Quick-service CEOs love seeing their company climb to the top of the industry heap.

    What’s Going On at McDonald’s?

    The last decade in quick service was a transformative one. Fast-casual restaurants moved from novel ideas in urban markets to competitive powerhouses with seemingly no ceiling.

    Fast Casual Makes Play for Brunch

    When co-owners Robert Maynard and Brian Burchill launched Toast Café in 2005, they set out to create a concept that offers a better breakfast dining experience.