January 2013

    The future of quick-service dining has a Latin flavor.

    Within weeks of Apple’s iOS 6 mobile system launch, Qdoba was offering Chicago customers access to its rewards card through Apple’s new Passbook program.

    Mimi's Cafe's new segmented model hopes to have something for everyone

    At Daniel Mancini’s walk-up window in Manhattan, the meatball bypasses its traditional role as pasta accessory and takes a shot at full-fledged stardom.

    The Sum of Its Parts

    Not long after it announced its French Revolution brand reimage program, casual-dining chain Mimi’s Cafe thinks it’s found the key ingredient to brand expansion.

    The Bloomberg Precedent

    Editor’s Note: A state Supreme Court judge in Manhattan invalidated the sugary beverage ban after this article was originally published.

    5 Things to Watch in 2013

    Last year was marked by continued economic uncertainty, the rapid expansion of the fast-casual segment, a devastating drought, and innovative new menu items and promotions.

    The Growth 40

    Aside from all being west of the Mississippi River, Denver; Waco, Texas; and Yuma, Arizona, have seemingly little in common.

    It’s Budget Time!

    Q: It’s a new year and it’s time to set marketing budgets. What are some guidelines to follow?

    Healthy Dining, Reimagined

    I love Emergen-C, the powdered vitamin supplement sold at drug stores and minimarts. When I take it, I am buying into the myth that supplements will make me healthier.

    One to Watch: Sweetgreen

    “Franchising is a great way to grow,” says Nicolas Jammet, one of the three Georgetown University graduates who founded the concept during their last year of college.

    The Power of Mom

    In the spirit of QSR’s Year of Women in Foodservice initiative, we’re dedicating a monthly section to recognizing the issues that affect women in foodservice and the contributions they make in

    Saving Face

    It’s common knowledge in retail industries: image is everything.