June 2016

    The CEO of a fast casual gives his take on the unstoppable trend.

    This story originally appeared in the print edition of Sapore, a publication on Italian foods and flavors.

    “The whole idea behind CREAM came from my childhood, when we made ice cream sandwiches at home, and it was kind of a staple.

    Fast casual may be getting all the attention in foodservice today—especially with so many chefs opting to enter the space—but that doesn't mean all new upstarts are following the fast-casual model.

    Cold Sweat

    In 2014, an intrepid reporter at Fortune magazine dared to ask in an article about the popularity of our nation’s longstanding favorite frozen dessert: “Do we still scream for ice cream?”

    Taking Action

    The idea of quick-service brands promoting an active lifestyle among their customers is not new.

    Playing the Long Game

    When it comes to operating a profitable restaurant chain, energy costs have historically been lower on the priority list than food costs, wages, and real estate.

    Why Grabbagreen is One to Watch

    When searching for something healthy to feed their kids, most moms open the refrigerator. Keely Newman opened a chain of healthy fast-casual restaurants.

    The Hand That Feeds

    Restaurant companies—the successful ones, anyway—have been known to root themselves in core values that define every decision they make as a brand.

    Loyalty on the Go

    Restaurants love to incessantly nudge their customers to be loyal by rewarding them each time they come back. After all, the best customer is the one you already have.

    Healthier at Home

    As limited-service restaurants face increasing competition from the exploding meal-delivery market, more chains are jumping into the fray and launching meal subscription plans of their own.

    Farming in Flux

    In the last five years, food-sourcing issues like traceability, sustainability, and quality have moved from the periphery of foodservice operations to the white-hot center.