March 2013

    Salads mix wide variety of ingredients to tempt diners.
    Franchisee shares insights on overcoming challenges in captive venue.
    Design, promote, and launch your units using these guidelines.
    These buzzwords are everywhere, but what do they really mean?

    Healthy Is Hip

    The spotlight on healthy eating is growing brighter, and now even the youngest eaters are taking notice.

    Tweaking Fresh

    Menu-development professionals for fast-food chains have probably watched enviously as some of their fast-casual competitors have unveiled salads that are both too elaborate and too expensive to re

    The Snack Attack

    In 2012, consumer foot traffic in quick serves remained static during the three main dayparts.

    Let’s Talk About Health

    Jamba Juice’s menu items, from its juices and smoothies to its oatmeal and wraps, are something of a healthy trifecta: They’re low in calories and fat, high in nutrients like Vitamins A and C, and

    Tap Into the Network

    More women enter the foodservice industry every year, and they’re being met with a growing wealth of experience and support from which they can draw.

    Double Trouble?

    Tony Holmes had a problem: The drive thru at his high-traffic Chick-fil-A restaurant in Apex, North Carolina, was too crowded.

    One to Watch: Teriyaki Madness

    Rod Arreola, along with his brother Alan and cousin Eric Garma, grew up in Seattle, where teriyaki restaurants are commonplace.