May 2016

    The hamburger, it’s fair to say, is the sine qua non of the fast-food universe.

    “The green chile cheeseburger is something that in the Southwest—out in New Mexico and even in Texas, Oklahoma, and California—is all the rage.

    Can you build a better burger? It turns out you can—and should.

    Jorge Baralles Sr. first began working for the restaurant group Table 301 as a dishwasher in 1997, in Greenville, South Carolina.

    Food Fest

    In 2009, Coolhaus took flight at Coachella, the renowned music and arts festival that brings nearly 200,000 people to the California desert for two weekends each spring.

    Shaking the Salt

    Almost everyone could benefit from a reduction in sodium intake, though it isn’t high on the list of concerns for most consumers when they dine out.

    Chef Q&A: Paul Wahlberg

    Not every better-burger chef can lay claim to his own popular reality television series, but Paul Wahlberg isn’t your ordinary chef.

    The Meat of It

    Americans love burgers. This is indisputable, experts say. The simple protein patty in a bun is firmly imprinted on the nation’s culinary DNA.

    The Retail Revolution

    A funny thing happened to the nation’s food courts: They became cultural yawners. The food choices got stale. The furniture remained plastic. And the atmosphere stayed static.

    The Secret to Sweetgreen’s Success

    Walk into a sweetgreen and you see the restaurant of the future. You see a brightly lit dining room with modern wood finishes. You see a beverage station with house-made juices, teas, and sodas.

    One to Watch: Honeygrow

    Less than five years ago, Justin Rosenberg worked full time as a financial analyst and asset manager while pursuing an MBA at Temple University.

    Start to Finish: Casey Patten

    I took a job at the age of 14 as a host for a restaurant chain in my hometown. Even as a teenager, I really enjoyed the interaction with customers, centering on food.