November 2013

    When Tiffini Soforenko first told her husband, Nik, that she wanted to open a cupcake bakery, his response was, “You don’t bake.”

    Three approaches to expanding meatless menu options.

    Jingle bells, wrapping paper, presents, and dining on the go—a medley of seasonal traditions mark the holidays year after year.

    It’s not just vegetarians choosing non-meat menu items.

    The Best of Both Worlds

    Menu innovation remains one of the best ways a brand can stay fresh in consumers’ minds, and quick serves are taking product development to another level by partnering with other food brands to cre

    When Family Means Business

    Though many women dream of striking out on their own in the foodservice industry, others envision working alongside their spouse or launching a new concept with the help of their siblings.

    Turn Struggles Into Success

    After college graduation and an eight-month stint supervising the post–Hurricane Katrina cleanup, Justin Harris wasted little time in taking on the quick-service industry.

    Balance of Power

    Quick-serve leaders have a lot of their plate, whether it’s finding ways to boost the brand’s growth or looking out for all of the people and operators in their care.

    Hot On Their Heels

    Competition is fierce in the restaurant industry, and quick serves are facing yet another threat in the fight for share of stomach.

    Delivery Done Right

    Though pizza may still be the food of choice for customers wanting something delivered to their door, brands from all categories within the limited-service industry are trying their hand at deliver