November 2014

    After working nearly 30 years in television syndication selling off-network reruns and first-run TV shows, Paul Danylik made a bold shift.

    After 39 years in the quick-serve industry, I still find it a privilege to do what I do. This is such a rewarding business for those who are willing to put in the time and the effort.

    This summer, Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons made quite the splash: The brand covered one of its Québec locations in blackout materials to promote its new dark roast coffee.

    Special interest groups look to gain influence on restaurant industry.

    Learning from the Egg Cream

    For New Yorkers and nostalgists of a certain age, the term egg cream conjures a host of pleasant associations: hot summer afternoons, classic American drugstore soda fountains, and bygone

    Sweet Success

    Ah, chocolate. It’s an indulgence that’s impossible to ignore as a stand-alone food or ingredient. And, not surprisingly, chocolate proves to be sweet for consumers and restaurant operators alike.

    Ones To Watch: Modmarket

    In 2008, Anthony Pigliacampo and Rob McColgan were two young professionals looking for a place to have a healthy lunch on a regular basis.

    Retail Value

    There was a time when chains feared that offering their food in supermarkets would keep consumers away from the restaurants.

    Morning Jolt

    Chick-fil-A joined the breakfast innovation bandwagon with a renewed commitment to offering better coffee.

    Lessons from Patterson v. Domino’s Pizza

    In acknowledging the modern reality of the franchise business model in California and in the U.S., the California Supreme Court earlier this year recognized and reaffirmed the contractual benefits

    The Digital Revolution

    Acquiring new restaurant technology can be a tricky business. Because of ever-decreasing prices, an operator may not want to be the first to buy a new application or software system.