October 2014

    Customers say they want healthy, but think healthy means tasteless.

    “Fast fine” is the way Fresh to Order founder and CEO Pierre Panos describes the Atlanta-based concept he created in 2006. “It’s nicer than fast casual, but not fine dining,” he says.

    The rise of wireless phone chargers in quick-service establishments could turn the casual consumer into a loyal, repeat customer.

    Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series on pricing strategies within the quick-service restaurant industry.

    Grabbing a Bite

    Evolving eating habits and generational dynamics are changing the way we look at snacking. There’s no traditional time when Americans are looking for snacks—say, the middle of the afternoon.

    Seasoned Professionals

    Along the Ohio River Road in Lesage, West Virginia, sits Hillbilly Hot Dogs, a destination stop for locals and tourists alike.

    Team Players

    Quick-service executives have the capacity to do a lot of good outside just filling customer bellies with tasty food.

    Start to Finish: Wan Kim

    When I started to look at this business, what I truly found beautiful was being able to bring my family every day.

    Amazing Grazing

    If you’re reading this column at work—in an office, cubicle, or break room—take a moment to survey the coworkers in your line of sight.

    Anatomy of a Marketing Campaign

    In an age when consumers’ choices have never been broader, it’s critical to stand out among the sea of other brands and offerings.

    Driving the Market

    The father-son team of 57-year-old Jon S. Crowe and 28-year-old Jon P. Crowe shines at their two Toppers Pizza units in Nebraska.

    Ones To Watch: Larkburger

    If doing something on a lark means it’s adventurous or even daring, Larkburger is aptly named, say cofounders Thomas Salamunovich and Adam Baker.

    Cultural Cues

    Reinvesting in employee training, improved food quality, and more efficient supply chains are all viable options to strengthen an underperforming quick-service restaurant.