3 Creative Approaches to the Superior Sandwich

    How three brands are thinking outside the box with a menu favorite.

    Even Stevens / Reed Rowe photography

    Sandwiches remains a staple in quick service.

    Even Stevens’ Salmon BLT

    “The Salmon BLT has been years in the making. Salmon is just so popular in Utah. We knew it had a place on our menu, and we’d been toying around with it, but wanted to make sure it was unique. Getting the right balance with the fatty salmon was the difficult part, so we used vegetables and lemon to brighten it up. Giving the salmon a quick 40-minute cure gives us a consistent product at our 20 locations across the U.S.”

    —Brandon Price

    Executive Chef

    The Players:

    • Quick-cured, wild-caught salmon fillet
    • Honey-smoked bacon
    • Lemon and roasted garlic aioli
    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Arugula
    • Ciabatta


    Togo’s Pretzelrami


    Togo’s Pretzelrami

    “The Pretzelrami is a perfect example of the focus on flavor and innovation at Togo’s. We are committed to creating the world’s tastiest sandwiches, with lean and tender meat, crisp and fresh toppings, and bread that smells heavenly. That’s led to a fervent fan base. Since we launched the Pretzelrami in May, it has been a top performer, receiving rave reviews from fans and positive feedback from guests.”

    —Corey Wilde

    Chief Development Officer

    The Players:

    • Pastrami
    • Soft pretzel roll
    • Aged white cheddar cheese
    • Yellow mustard
    • Dill pickles


    Melt Shop’s Fried Chicken Melt

    Melt Shop’s Fried Chicken Melt

    Melt Shop

    “The Fried Chicken Melt is our No. 1 seller and has been on the menu since day one. The goal was to create something familiar yet unique, and it was clear very quickly that we had created a very special hero menu item that people were talking about. We created a refined comfort-food experience in the accessible format of a sandwich, with a hit of cool factor.”

    —Spencer Rubin

    Founder & CEO

    The Players:

    • Hand-breaded fried chicken
    • Pepper jack cheese
    • Red cabbage slaw
    • Melt Sauce
    • Country white bread