3 Trend-Setting Coffee Drinks from Operators

    These drinks take flavor inspiration far beyond the typical cup of coffee.
    Werewolf Coffee’s  Charcoal Latte

    Werewolf Coffee / Sarah Azzouzi

    Werewolf Coffee’s Charcoal Latte.

    Werewolf Coffee’s Charcoal Latte

    “Our most popular drink by far is the Charcoal Latte. We were one of the first cafes to bring it to Chicago. We pair food-grade activated charcoal with honey, lavender, milk, and espresso. It comes out a beautiful black color, and the taste is sweet and floral. It is the perfect combination of detoxifier and caffeination.”

    The Players:

    • Activated Charcoal

    • Honey

    • Lavender

    • Milk

    • Espresso

    –Lindsey Reason

    Barista / Werewolf Coffee

    Dunn Brothers’ Vanilla Iced Nirvana

    Dunn Brothers’ Vanilla Iced Nirvana

    “Our Chocolate Steamed and Vanilla Iced Nirvanas are made with our Infinite Black Cold Press Coffee, half and half, and usually the guest’s preference on syrup flavoring. With that said, our Vanilla Iced Nirvana has been the go-to Nirvana of choice. We believe what sets this beverage apart is the absolute freshness of our beans and how we prepare our cold press coffee. Our coffee beans are roasted in-store, providing you the freshest beans possible, and our cold press coffee steeps for a full 24 hours rather than 10–18 hours. We feel this gives our Nirvanas a more robust and flavorful body either hot or cold.”

    The Players:

    • Cold press coffee

    • Half and half

    • Vanilla syrup

    • Ice

    –Rob Brecher

    Marketing Associate / Dunn Brothers

    Houndstooth Coffee’s Lime Iron

    Houndstooth Coffee’s Lime Iron

    “Our Lime Iron is a slight variation on a SXSW festival drink we did four years ago called the 9 Iron (lemonade and cold brew). It has become a local favorite, and we now keep it on bar year-round. Simply put: It is cold brew and fresh lime-aid. Less simply put: It’s juicy, round, refreshing, and mimics the best qualities of both iced coffee and a traditional margarita.”



    The Players:

    • Cold-brew concentrate

    • Simple syrup

    • Fresh-squeezed lime juice

    • Water

    • Ice

    • Lime-wheel garnish

    –Gregory Alford

    Head Coach / Houndstooth Coffee

    Image credits: Dunn Brothers Coffee / ISABEL SUBTIL, Houndstooth Coffee