Cauldron Ice Cream Grows with Nostalgia-Driven Options

    The brand is known for its striking creations.

    Cauldron Ice Cream

    Cauldron leans into visually appealing treats.

    How do Cauldron’s 10 locations in California and Texas achieve the smoothest, creamiest ice cream? Freezing it with liquid nitrogen, founders Terence Lioe and Desiree Le say. The brand is known for its striking creations, from the use of its ice cream–topped puffle cone—a warm, bubbly, Hong Kong–style egg waffle—or Fluffypuff souffle pancake to its gorgeous rose-shaped scoops of signature flavors like Sea Salted Caramel Crunch (caramel ice cream with pretzel bits and sea salt) and S’mores (chocolate ice cream with graham cracker crumbs and torched marshmallow fluff). The brand also does a vegan-friendly Pineapple Express flavor reminiscent of a Dole Whip.

    “We have seen a big trend in nostalgia-driven food,” Le says. “There is often a deep emotional connection when you think about the food that you ate when you were young and all was right with the world.”

    Cauldron also pulls inspiration from other countries and cultures, like England for the Earl Grey Lavender flavor (an Earl Grey tea base with hints of lavender and honey) and Singapore for the H2O Rose option that offers a delicate floral flavor. “Being Asian-Americans, we also drew inspiration from our own upbringing, which is what led us to create items like the Puffle and our Vietnamese Coffee ice cream,” Le says. (Flip to the foldout at Page 48 for more on Le and Lioe.)