Sheetz evolved its convenience stores with fresh food offerings.
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C-stores are continuing to tread heavier on quick-serve restaurants’ turf, with one major convenience player now spotlighting its food offerings in its marketing efforts. The latest advertising campaign from Sheetz, a regional, 400-unit convenience-store chain headquartered in Altoona, Pennsylvania...
Randy Garutti works with the team at Shake Shack in Brooklyn.
Executive Insights
Hundreds of children file past the floor-to-ceiling windows at the newly opened Shake Shack at the corner of Fulton Street and Boerum Place. It’s late January and all are bundled up as best they can to keep out the wintery gusts and freezing temperatures. It’s a clear, cloudless day, which makes it...
Industry News
Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are known for their use of pop-culture icons in their advertising, so casting Kate Upton as their latest spokeswoman in the campaign for the Southwest Patty Melt was seen as a continuation of that strategy. However, Upton was signed and the ads filmed before the brands, or...
Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru
William Bruce says franchisees can save money in everything they do. And throughout his career, Bruce has helped several quick-serve brands, including El Pollo Loco, Arby’s, and Paradise Bakery, do exactly that. Today, Bruce is COO of Abundant Brands, a developing agent and privately held...
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Yogurtland offers more than a dozen flavors at any given time.
Emerging Concepts
Yogurtland offers dozens of frozen yogurt flavors, such as citrus varieties like Blackberry Lemon Mint Tart, Blood Orange Tart, and Key Lime Bar Tart, to diners who can’t seem to get enough of the fro-yo craze. With 16 flavors and more than 30 toppings available at any given time, Yogurtland is “a...
David Novak has built Yum Brands into a global restaurant company.
Executive Insights
Quick-serve executives have a wide range of leadership strategies. While some believe that leading from behind the doors of their corner office is a suitable way to grow a business, others have found that the only path to success is leading by example and inspiring employees to be the best they can...
Water shortages pose a serious problem to the restaurant industry.
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See this topic come to life with Alexandra Cousteau at the Georgia Aquarium. Register for Dine America today! Take a drive through California’s Central Valley, and you’ll be driving through … well, not quite the breadbasket of the U.S., but more like its salad bowl. The area’s mild climate means...
J.P. Licks founder Vince Petryk isn't ready to let go of the fun in business.
Human Resources
Since founding J.P. Licks, a chain of 10 Boston-area ice cream shops, in 1981, Vince Petryk has tried not to think about the day when he’ll leave the business. “It’s almost like your last will and testament,” Petryk says. “I can’t imagine I’ll be glad to walk away when the day comes, which is why I...
As with Chipotle, fresh does not always equate with safe in restaurants.
It’s been a busy few months for Sloan’s Ice Cream.
Coffee QSR franchise led by family business that builds on company legacy.
With two thriving coffee shops under his belt, it might seem that Ross Drever has java in his blood—and that might be partially true.
In addition to helping conserve cash, bartering often leads to additional exposu
Twenty years ago, Toni Foley began bartering. These days, she won’t run her restaurant—five-year-old Eastside Café in Fairport, New York—without the practice.
Canada Asian food chain Wok Box had employee lose weight on its meals.
Twenty-year-old Alec Vela and 22-year-old Emily Allworth, both employees in the foodservice industry, drastically turned their lives around. Vela and Allworth each recently lost about 50 pounds due to changes in their diet and exercise habits.
San Diego chef driven fast casual operates from touch screen tablet system.
These days, it’s not uncommon to see restaurant staff take orders on an iPad or guests swiping their credit cards on a tablet reader. Mobile technology can integrate various facets of an operation.