Quick service restaurant operators offer meatless options to draw vegetarians.
Marc Halperin: Resident F&B Expert
When I was growing up in California’s San Joaquin Valley—once commonly known as the nation’s breadbasket—local farmers grew a significant percentage of the fruits and vegetables eaten by people in the rest of the country. They still do. Today, the Vegetable Research & Information Center at the...
Quick service restaurant companies should innovate in the POS arena.
Outside Insights
Jingle bells, wrapping paper, presents, and dining on the go—a medley of seasonal traditions mark the holidays year after year. For quick-service restaurants accommodating shoppers on the run, the holiday season often means increased traffic, longer order and checkout lines, and greater customer...
Fast food restaurant incorporate more vegetarian items for healthy offerings.
Menu Innovations
Beef, pork, poultry, and seafood may be the staples of the limited-service restaurant industry, but non-meat items aren’t taking a back seat on the menu these days. Although vegetarians make up a small percentage of the American dining population, an increasing number of consumers are deciding to...
Quick service companies like Tim Hortons and Cold Stone cobrand their business.
Menu innovation remains one of the best ways a brand can stay fresh in consumers’ minds, and quick serves are taking product development to another level by partnering with other food brands to create new menu items. These partnerships have created some of the most successful product launches in...
Industry News
As consumers increasingly rely on smartphones and tablets, quick-serve operators are presented with an opportunity to enhance the customer experience by also going mobile. That’s especially true today with point-of-sale (POS) systems, says Jared Isaacman, CEO of Harbortouch, a merchant services...
Fatburger quick service chain adapted sister brand in cobranded location.
Web Exclusive
Several quick-service concepts have cobranded with other companies in hopes of leveraging the other brand’s assets, like marketing and menu. But Fatburger is doing something a little different in cobranded locations with its full-service sister brand Buffalo’s Café: It’s adapting much of the latter...
Quick service brands like Umami Burger growth with smartly executed plans.
Umami Burger is a highly successful chain of burger joints founded in 2009 by Adam Fleischman. Having read about umami (the “fifth taste”) in food blogs and books—and as a fan of In-N-Out Burger—Fleischman thought he could successfully apply its principles to the classic American burger. He was...
Loyal customers spend 67 percent more at restaurants than new guests.
Outside Insights
Identifying, rewarding, and retaining your best customers is one of the hardest challenges for any restaurant. It’s both a marathon and a sprint, and with loyal customers spending 67 percent more than new ones, it’s a race you can’t afford to lose. The right loyalty program can help get more...
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QSR brands innovate drive through lane to build business from customer demographics.
To say that convenience is king in today’s always-connected, technology-driven world may be an understatement.
Working capital can help owners buy new equipment, renovate stores, and more.
Take a look at the following statements, and guess which one came from a business luminary and which came from a restaurant industry pioneer:“Small businesses don’t fail for lack of capital.”“The growth challenge looms even larger in the brutally combative restaurant industry
QSR brands investing in social media might reconsider television advertising.
Q: Given how prevalent and powerful social media seems to be these days, does it still make sense to advertise on TV?A:Broadcast mass-media advertising may seem anachronistic.
QSR donut concept franchise owner uses leadership skills gained on Mt Everest.
Jeff Gottfurcht summited Mount Everest on May 14, 2011, at 6:10 A.M.
QSR brands plate fresh and natural ingredients to improve health and nutrition.
Fresh has become a mantra of the restaurant industry these days, and there’s nothing that conveys fresh better than using raw items, particularly fruits and vegetables.
QSR operators move operations systems to cloud based technology.
You would be hard pressed to find a quick-service operator who, when asked why they started their own business, answered by saying it was to become the CIO of the company.