100 Montaditos, the Spain–based food company, announced the appointment of Francisco Javier Cernuda as CEO of 100 Montaditos in America.

Cernuda will direct, coordinate and execute strategic marketing development plans in the United States and Latin America for the corporate expansion of 100 Montaditos.

His addition to the management team at Restalia, the Madrid-based restaurant holding company that owns 100 Montaditos, coincides with the 2014 announcement of the opening of 70 additional international restaurants within the existing portfolio.

"100 Montaditos is in the process of international expansion highly focused in the United States and Latin America, and it’s a development where we want to form a solid foundation,” says Virginia Donado, Global CEO at Restalia.

“The 30 years of experience that Francisco Cernuda has in development processes, expansion and internationalization of large companies are undoubtedly invaluable to 100 Montaditos at this time, as well as his expertise in identifying and securing target market properties, such an important aspect in our business.”

Cernuda plans to broaden international horizons of the company and expand the management team. Currently, he manages U.S. and Latin American projects from Miami, the corporate branch that 100 Montaditos established in 2011.

"I am proud to join Restalia, an ambitious company like myself, at such a pivotal time of rapid growth and expansion,” Cernuda says. “The Montaditos are a revolutionary concept that have been met with excellent reception here in the United States. Our short term goals are to establish the position of 100 Montaditos in the U.S. and Mexico, both of which are fast-growing markets where we want to further strengthen the presence of our special style of food from Spain.” 

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