100 Montaditos, the Spanish fast-casual chain, opened its doors Thursday, November 7, at 5141 Utica Ridge Rd. in Davenport, Iowa, marking a significant milestone in its expansion in the U.S.

The brand’s signature product, a crunchy, baked-to-order tapas-sized roll known as the Montadito, is charting new territory in the states. Named after its signature product, the restaurant will bring a new style of casual dining to Davenport and the Quad Cities of Iowa. The concept, which is found all over Spain, features Montaditos in 100 variations filled with high-quality tapa ingredients such as Serrano ham, chorizo, and queso manchego, ranging in price from $1 to $2.50. It also offers french and “brava” fries, which are served with a unique hot dipping sauce from Spain. 

The restaurant’s casual environment is reminiscent of early 19th century taverns found throughout Spain. The 2,900 square foot location on Utica Road will also feature a private room seating 32 people. 

“100 Montaditos has a menu that goes far beyond your typical casual option in Davenport,” says Carlos Pérez Tenorio, CEO of 100 Montaditos in the U.S. “Inspired by early 19th century Spanish taverns, which were known for offering a unique combination of comfort and quick, personalized service, the restaurant’s set-up will be designed to stimulate communal interaction and to offer guests a lively atmosphere that invites them to stay.”

100 Montaditos’ interior design will feature tile floors, dark wood, cherry red walls, granite countertops and tables, mood lighting, and images from the Spanish city of Cadiz, where the brand has its roots. There are currently 10 locations in South Florida.

Each Wednesday, 100 Montaditos will offer its signature “Dollarmania” promotion, in which every Montadito on the menu will be priced at only $1 each and all beverages, including beer, wine, and sangrias, at only $2. The restaurant also offers platters of Montaditos and charcuterie, priced at $8 and $5 respectively.

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