Intura Solutions (Intura), a manufacturer of point-of-sale (POS) and business-management software, recently released the Intura Vision 4.20 that adds extensive recipe management, food preparation tools, and enhanced security features.

“The Intura Vision 4.20 release adds about 40 new features that our customers are sure to be excited about,” says Gary W. Peek II, president of Intura. “It has only been four months since our last release and our team has performed brilliantly with 100 changes overall.”

This release of Intura Vision offers extensive changes to inventory management that includes: recipe management, food preparation tools with printed product labels, new inventory and waste count methods, and new inventory types. In addition, Intura added new employee checkout receipts, time clock receipts, new reports, enhanced security classes, improved printing performance, and now supports Microsoft MapPoint 2009. Intura also added its new Intura Services Manager application to allow customers to more easily manage Intura-based services on their network.

Intura Vision 4.20 is available for download on Intura’s Web site for Intura customers and distributors.