16 Handles is launching a new flavor: Cerealiously Cuckoo, made with Cocoa Puffs cereal. Handcrafted with the beloved cereal, this delicious frozen yogurt is packed with chocolate flavors that will take you right back to childhood. Better yet, 16 Handles has launched six nostalgia-worthy cereal toppings to create the perfect Fro-Yo pairing, including Froot Loops, Trix, Cookie Crisp, Apple Jacks, Cocoa Puffs, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

“16 Handles is everyone’s happy place, and there’s nothing like the nostalgia of your favorite childhood cereal,” says CEO and founder Solomon Choi. “We were all excited to taste our favorite cereal flavors as frozen yogurt—what better way to upgrade your favorite childhood treat than to turn it into soft serve?”

The flavor is available in a variety of product offerings—including Fro-Yo sandwiches and the 16 Handles Whip Up, which blends guests’ topping selections with their frozen yogurt for the perfect mix.

Try one of these combinations to create the ultimate frozen treat:

  • The Breakfast Club: Granola, Blueberry, Kiwi
  • Cereal Killer: Raspberry Sauce, Chocolate Gravel, Chocolate Cookie Crunch
  • Breakfast of Champions: Froot Loops cereal, Trix cereal, Cookie Crisp Cereal

Founded in 2008, 16 Handles is New York City’s first self-serve frozen yogurt shop and is currently the number one frozen yogurt business in the city. It has since grown to 35 locations across 4 states, and is now expanding internationally. 16 Handles sets itself apart with unique store design, innovative marketing, artisan flavors, and over 50 toppings to choose from, including your favorite candy, fresh fruit, sauces, and more.

They highlight individuality and customization, encouraging fans to “flaunt their flavor” both in their cups and their lives. Committed to sustainability, 16 Handles uses biodegradable packaging and spoons and the brand plants 16 trees per day through a partnership with Trees for the Future.

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