Frozen-yogurt brand 16 Handles announced the release of its newest flavor: Tiramisu.

Tiramisu pairs the rich flavor of espresso-soaked ladyfinger cookies with hits of vanilla and cinnamon.

The new flavor pairs well with a variety of 16 Handles’ toppings, including graham cracker crumbs, bananas, and caramel or chocolate sauce.

As with all 16 Handles’ flavors, Tiramisu is Kosher certified and carries The National Yogurt Association’s seal of approval. It is available starting Monday, April 15, in all 16 Handles’ locations.

“Tiramisu means ‘pick-me-up’ in Italian, and this new flavor is so delicious it will lift anyone’s spirits,” says Solomon Choi, 16 Handles founder and CEO. “Fat-free yet still full of flavor, this better-for-you treat evokes a feeling of sitting at a café in Rome while indulging in this famous layered Italian dessert.”

16 Handles features 16 rotating “handles” of frozen yogurt, along with a toppings bar that includes fresh, hand-cut fruit, nuts, candies, cakes, sauces, and other exclusive, chef-inspired toppings.

In addition, 16 Handles offers non-dairy sorbets, frozen-yogurt cakes, and WhipUps—guest-inspired creations that blend premium frozen yogurt and toppings into one frozen confection.

Founded in 2008 by foodservice industry expert Solomon Choi, 16 Handles was the first frozen-yogurt brand to pioneer the self-serve concept in New York City.

Today the company has grown to 35 locations across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Florida and forecasts that 50 stores will be open by the end of 2013.

Committed to sustainability, 16 Handles uses biodegradable packaging and spoons; each store plants 16 trees per day through a partnership with Trees for the Future.

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