Industry News | January 21, 2011

2010 a Record-Breaking Year for Saladworks

Saladworks announced a record-breaking year. With an outstanding year for franchise sales and exceptional marketing campaigns, the company is poised for a very successful 2011. 

Saladworks closed in on $70 million in total revenue in 2010, and awarded 48 new franchise locations to new and existing franchisees. These figures represent a 136 percent increase in franchise sales from 2009.

This expansion includes continued growth inside the franchise’s core market of Pennsylvania and New Jersey with new openings planned in Orange County, California; Knoxville, Tennessee; Austin, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Annapolis, Maryland; Middletown, Delaware; Richmond, Virginia; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Franchisees credit belief in the Saladworks concept and system as the reason for its rapid expansion.

“We were interested in franchising because we wanted a support network—and we have that in Saladworks,” says Pennsylvania franchisee Rami Barakat. “We wanted to be multiunit owners from the time we opened our first store.”

2010 was also a strong year for the Saladworks brand and its fans. Saladworks launched the True Nutrition campaign as a response to its customers’ desire for a variety of more nutritious ingredients. The campaign added ingredients like avocado, chick peas, and edamame to the salad case, which now features more than 50 ingredients. Additionally, all of Saladworks’ signature salads now average less than 300 calories.

Finally, the company developed a program that allows potential franchise owners access to a secondary platform for financing. This opportunity, available to a limited number of qualified entrepreneurs that best displayed the company’s core values, offered the chance to own and operate a Saladworks restaurant with only a $75,000 investment. An affiliate company of Saladworks provides the balance of the financing for all new store opening costs, designed to encourage energetic entrepreneurs to open new Saladworks locations.

Saladworks closed out the year on top by being voted the nation’s No. 1 salad franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine for the third consecutive year.

“Saladworks’ success in 2010 can be attributed in part to our home office team of consummate industry professionals. Saladworks prides itself on the unparalleled support provided by our home office staff for our franchisees, and I think that has directly translated to our franchise sales success this year,” says Saladworks’ founder and CEO, John Scardapane. “I am proud to announce this record-breaking year as we enter into our 25th year of serving America’s best salads.”

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