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    29% of U.S. Families Eating Out 2+ Times Per Week

  • Industry News September 3, 2013

    BluePromoCode, a marketplace for coupons and deals, announced the results of a newly commissioned study. The study was sent to 100 adults with kids living at home and asked questions about their shopping and eating habits.

    Highlights of the findings include:

    • Families are eating fast food more often than ever, with 29 percent eating out two or more times per week.
    • Men are not eating healthier; only 52 percent reported healthier eating habits in the last year, while 78 percent of women reported healthier eating habits.
    • The top reason families buy fast food is because it saves them time, according to 68 percent of those surveyed.
    • Nearly half of respondents think organic foods are too expensive, and 24 percent don’t believe the health benefits are worth the extra cost.

    The BluePromoCode study shows that 29 percent of families are eating out more than once per week, yet a recent study by Monmouth University showed that only 15 percent of U.S. adults are eating out more than once per week.

    The study found that “saving time” was the most popular reason for eating fast food and that 14 percent have bought groceries online, another indication of being stretched for time.

    “Families are the ones that are the most time- and financially constrained,” says Michael Quoc, CEO of BluePromoCode. “Buying groceries online and using readily available coupon codes can be a big help to families at both ends.”

    The study also asked about shopping habits for organic foods, with nearly 50 percent stating that they’re “too expensive.”

    Similarly one in four don’t believe the health benefits were worth the extra cost, and 10 percent didn’t believe organic foods were really “organic.”