McDonald’s launched its one-of-a-kind “McDonald’s 3’n1” concept in Lincoln,Nebraska on October 15.

“McDonald’s 3’n1” provides three different dining experiences in one restaurant. In addition to the usual McDonald’s menu, a sandwich and platter shop and bakery and ice cream shop are part of the concept. Diners can choose from hot and cold sandwiches such as a New York Reuben or Beef and Cheese, platters with country fried steak, meatloaf, or roasted chicken, bakery items such as cinnamon rolls, cakes, and sundaes, or Big Macs and French fries.

In addition to its unique menu, “McDonald’s 3’n1” offers table service to its customers. Orders are placed via a special red phone at each table and served directly to the customer tip-free.

“The new restaurants were developed ‘best in class’ in the mid-scale dining arena, offering customers the highest quality, made-to-order food and table service in a fun place with a comfortable dining room, all at a great value,” remarks Tom Ryan, Corporate Executive Vice President and Chief Concept Officer of McDonald’s. “‘McDonald’s 3’n1’ was designed for adult and family restaurant meal occasions.”

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