5thru’s enhanced AI technology gives drive-thrus a new way to leverage technology that uniquely profiles customer’s buying choices across all locations. Now servers can make recommendations with past order knowledge to personalize the drive-thru experience like never before.

Drive-Thru quick-service and fast casual restaurants can leverage AI-driven information to:

  • Mine for patterns in order histories across all locations and products to suggest better offers and recommendations
  • Create “featured products” for dietary profiles presented as an up-sell recommendation
  • Design better menus, over time, that meet the needs of a full range of customers

Complete Offering

5thru’s offering has three components. First, a camera at the drive-thru scans the driver’s license plate to initiate a customer profile. Second, a screen inside the establishment pops up a profile of the customer showing past order history and new product recommendations. Third, payments can be automated (with one-time customer opt-in) to accelerate service.

Daniel McCann, CEO of 5thru says, “Using a combination of Customer IDs, Known Profiles and Pre-Pay, we increase drive-thru throughput by 45 percent or more. We have seen AI being used to take voice orders. 5thru takes it further by embedding AI into the buying choices and preferences of customers for optimal service.”

Elevate Suggestive Sells

A key category of QSR Magazine’s 2018 Drive-Thru Study is titled, “Suggestive Sells.” Additional offers are made to customers at different points in a sale. Suggestions are made at the customer greeting or, after an order is placed. By increasing the relevance of suggestions to fit customers’ buying choices over time, 5thru boosts the up-sell opportunity, creating higher ticket conversions.

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