7-Eleven stores have a new Slurpee Lite flavor. Coming on the heels of the popular Slurpee Lite vitaminwater Chill drink that launched earlier this year, 7-Eleven, Inc. brings the heat with Glaceau vitaminwater fire, a spicy watermelon-lime flavor. The newest Slurpee Lite drink is naturally flavored, contains less sugar, is fortified with vitamins B3, B6 and B12, and an 8-ounce serving has just 20 calories.

On its website, 7-Eleven says of the fiery orange-red Slurpee Lite drink, “vitaminwater spicy watermelon-lime is so fire, it had to be turned into a Slurpee just to cool it down.” Inspired by the bottled vitaminwater fire, the Slurpee drink is described as a spicy watermelon-lime flavor with a touch of jalapeno and habanero that sparks a “slight tingling sensation.” Glaceau vitaminwater is a 7-Eleven top-selling non-carbonated, flavored water.

“After the big splash that vitaminwater Chill Slurpee Lite drink made with Slurpee-lovers, we expect this spicy watermelon-lime vitaminwater fire will be even bigger,” says Jacob Barnes, 7-Eleven proprietary beverages director. “Slurpee Lite has had some of our more unusual and sophisticated flavors, so thirsty customers can cut sugar without sacrificing flavor.”

The American palate is growing more adventurous. One study reports that 75 percent of U.S. adults are willing to try new foods, with some 80 percent of millennials saying they are looking for bolder taste profiles. And while Gen Z’ers aren’t quite the flavor risk-takers as the generation before them, they do love the duality of sweet flavors paired with spice, sour or salt. The Slurpee Lite vitaminwater fire drink mirrors established trends in candy, chocolates and frozen treats categories that are bringing the heat with the sweet.

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