7-Eleven Inc. contracted with Digital Display Networks Inc. to create one of the nation’s largest out-of-home digital networks in more than 6,200 7-Eleven stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Upon its full national deployment, 7-Eleven TV is expected to reach an estimated 190 million monthly viewers. Features of the in-store network will include around-the-clock programming with national and local entertainment news and weather, as well as exclusive content fit for convenience shoppers.

Other original content will consist of commercials advertising 7-Eleven’s signature, proprietary brands, in-store and out-of-store brands, and 7-Eleven promotions. Network programming will be divided into multiple dayparts to promote specific items at the time when they are most relevant to customers.

Two LCD high-definition TV monitors with directional audio, which reaches only those consumers positioned in front of monitors, are being installed in each store, with the complete network expected to be operational nationally by the fourth quarter of 2010. Digital Display Networks is providing turnkey services, supervising installation, content production, and advertising sales.

The in-store spots available on 7-Eleven TV are ideal for manufacturers and distributors whose products are carried in 7-Eleven stores with the ability to reach customers and influence their purchase decision.

“7-Eleven TV marks a new generation of advertising for us and will complement our external advertising programs,” says Kevin Elliott, 7-Eleven’s senior vice president of merchandising and logistics. “Communicating to customers directly in store will enhance our effectiveness in promotion and trial of our foodservice offerings, proprietary and private-label products.”

“Digital out-of-home networks are an emerging platform that deliver content-rich promotional messages at point of purchase,” says Thomas L. Harrison, chairman and CEO of Diversified Agency Services, Omnicom Group Inc. “The creation of 7-Eleven TV, with its ability to reach some 190 million consumers monthly in more than 6,200 7-Eleven stores, truly establishes the relevance of this advertising medium as a vital channel for brands seeking to engage shoppers and effectively motivate them to purchase.”

“All of the network’s content will be designed and created specifically for 7-Eleven and our customers, giving us a vehicle for very targeted advertising and programming,” Elliott says.

“Our aim is to offer 7-Eleven customers up-to-the-minute news, weather, and interesting information about new products, specials, and promotions at the point where they are making purchasing decisions,” says David Veckerelli, co-CEO of Digital Display Networks. “The strategically placed screens and directional audio will help inform them of special promotions and products that they can take advantage of immediately while in the store.”

“According to industry statistics, digital out-of-home networks have been experiencing significant growth over the past several years,” says Darren Mann, co-CEO of Digital Display Networks. “The ability of these networks to drive purchase at the point of sale and generate incremental revenue for retailers through advertising is the foundation for this growth. Because of its ability to generate some 2.3 billion consumer impressions annually, the 7-Eleven TV network approaches the national networks in viewership but, even better, reaches them when they are actually in a shopping environment and able to make a purchase.”

According to PQ Media of Stamford, Connecticut, a media research company, digital out-of-home advertising is expected to average double-digit year-over-year growth through 2011 and is projected to exceed $3.5 billion in spending in 2009. Digital media networks, which are used to deliver promotions and informational content to viewers in a diverse set of venues, are like other forms of out-of-home and place-based media, which function much like traditional billboards, point-of-purchase displays and transit advertising. Digital media networks use a series of small or large displays to attract the attention of consumers outside the home.