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    7-Eleven Introduces Breaded Chicken Sandwich

  • Industry News August 21, 2007
    Since chicken sandwiches have begun to close the gap with hamburgers as on-the-go diners' meal of choice, 7-Eleven, Inc. expects its new Chicken Bite, a chicken tender-like product shaped like a hot dog, to fly off the grill.

    Priced at $1.69, the Chicken Bite is 7-Eleven stores' first entry into the hot chicken sandwich market and can be found on the 7-Eleven roller grill, alongside Big Bite hot dogs and Go-Go Taquitos. The Chicken Bite is made with 100-percent white meat and breaded with Southern-style seasonings and spices. Sauces like ranch, honey mustard and barbecue are available at no additional cost along with condiments such as mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and pickle relish.

    7-Eleven's Grill Category Manager Kathryn Humphries thinks the Chicken Bite is an easy-to-eat, more economical version of the traditional chicken sandwich. "7-Eleven has strong brand recognition selling hot dogs and, more recently, taquitos," she said. "The Chicken Bite is neither of these, but a completely new item. And consumers want more chicken choices when looking at to-go food options."

    At 3.3 ounces and $1.69, the Chicken Bite offers a great value."Consumers liked the Chicken Bite both with and without the bun," Humphries said. "Satisfying customers is our goal, so we serve it either way at the same price, and we're working on expanding into more varieties."

    A report by the National Chicken Council says that convenience foods and food-service items have the greatest growth potential for chicken sales. Today, roughly half of the chicken sold in the U.S. is for at-home consumption. About 7-Eleven, Inc.