On Tuesday, 86 Repairs, the repair and maintenance (R&M) management platform built for the restaurant industry, released The State of Repairs. The annual report offers restaurant operators invaluable insight into repairs and maintenance data.

Today’s restaurant operator is pressed for time and resources from all directions, juggling the customer experience, high employee turnover, and navigating changes in the supply chain. Repairs might only become a priority once a critical repair need has forced them to stop service. And routine maintenance can fall through the cracks because of inconsistent processes across locations and staff, along with frequent labor turnover.

The State of Repairs offers never-before-seen data on equipment repairs that isn’t found anywhere else. It highlights numbers from 86 Repairs’ platform, including vendor performance and equipment manufacturers, so operators can benchmark where their business stands and make more informed R&M decisions with speed.

“Restaurants spend $28 billion on R&M and lose $46 billion on equipment downtime every year,” says Daniel Estrada, Co-Founder and CEO of 86 Repairs. “And yet it’s very hard for operators to really manage R&M.”

“We publish The State of Repairs to share data and actionable insights to help operators take control over R&M at a time when they need every possible tool to make smart business decisions.”

The State of Repairs examines the top equipment types that required service in 2021, including plumbing infrastructure, reach-in refrigerators, and ice machines. The report shares the most frequent type of repairs needed for each equipment type, along with vendor and equipment manufacturer performance data. Troubleshooting tips are also offered to help operators avoid the expense of unnecessary service calls.

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