Acrelec America has appointed Scott Marentay to the newly established position of Global Director of Outdoor Service Innovation. Marentay, who has been an integral member of the executive team for more than 10 years and an expert in outdoor technology solutions, will lead the innovation efforts that will meet the evolving requirements and challenges of restaurant and retail outdoor services.

As the leader in drive-thru technology and innovation, Acrelec sees the evolving challenges of marrying online customer orders with the brick and mortar environment, as well as continuously improving the traditional drive-thru experience by making it faster and more effective for our customers.  Mr. Marentay will work closely with global industry representatives to determine the direction of outdoor services and ensure that Acrelec remains the leader in drive-thru technology.  “Scott has always had his hand on the pulse of the restaurant industry, so there is no better person to have running this new global team. We are excited to see how he will continue to raise the bar on industry standard,” says Frank Amoruso, president and managing director of Acrelec America.

Mr. Marentay started his career with Acrelec in 2006 and was an essential contributor to establishing HyperActive as the fastest growing drive-thru technology solutions company in the industry.  Marentay is a skilled technologist and operations leader, heading other innovations such as the release of Acrelec America’s first cloud-based reporting portal and management system and the introduction of a scalable product line that was installed in over 7,000 locations.

Prior to joining the Acrelec team, Marentay worked with MICROS where he managed the customer service department. In addition, he has nearly two decades of experience within the restaurant industry, ranging from single to multi-location management. Mr. Marentay graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelors of Arts degree. Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Marentay currently resides in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania with his wife, Sherry, and their two sons, Julien (14) and Evan (11).

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