The Acrelec Group, a provider of customer experience technology and digital transformation solutions for the foodservice and retail industries, acquired Pittsburgh-based HyperActive Technologies, a U.S. supplier of outdoor restaurant technology.

“Acrelec’s acquisition of HyperActive Technologies advances our mission of revolutionizing the way restaurant and retail brands engage their customers,” says Jacques Mangeot, cofounder of the Acrelec Group. “Combining Acrelec’s expertise in providing interactive kiosks and digital display hardware, software, and services with HyperActive’s innovative drive-thru technology will allow us to become the preeminent global provider of the most comprehensive suite of solutions.”

Founded in 2001, HyperActive Technologies provides quick-service and fast-casual restaurants with outdoor digital displays, order confirmation software, and drive-thru service timers. Its products are widely used by more than 40 major restaurant brands. The company quickly rose to its leadership position by providing innovative solutions such as offering the first outdoor digital display with LED lighting and Power over Ethernet connectivity.

“Acrelec’s decision to acquire HyperActive is validation of the success and reputation the company holds in the U.S.,” says Joseph J. Porfeli, chief executive officer for HyperActive. “With our complementary product portfolios and strong customer relationships, we are confident that we will provide enormous value to the industry.”

The Acrelec Group, headquartered in St. Thibault, France, provides end-to-end integrated solutions that include kiosks, digital displays, order confirmation boards, tablet and table service systems, and drive-thru and mobile technology. The company has extensive experience working with the world’s leading brands to design and implement highly customized solutions. Acrelec supports more than 20,000 self-service kiosks in 49 countries.

“Acrelec and HyperActive share a passion for innovation and a dedication to serving its customers,” says Jalel Souissi, cofounder for the Acrelec Group. “This partnership will create one of the leading companies in one of the world’s fastest growing industries.” According to a 2016 study, the market for self-service kiosks is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.2 percent between 2015 and 2020 and will be worth $73.35 billion by 2020.

The growth of self-service kiosks is being fueled by industry’s desire to enhance the customer’s experience and improve service. Outside of the U.S., one Acrelec customer is generating 90 percent of their indoor orders through kiosks. “From what we have witnessed around the world, we are confident that Americans will embrace the self-ordering option for the convenience and personalization it provides,” Mangeot says. “From a financial perspective, restaurant operators can achieve a significant return on investment from our shared technology. All of our solutions, from drive-thru systems to indoor kiosks, are mission critical to increasing throughput and driving sales.” Acrelec is equally as enthusiastic about bringing HyperActive’s drive-thru solutions to foodservice establishments outside of the U.S.

“Our products have changed the operational effectiveness of America’s drive thrus. We are excited to share the success of our products with the rest of the world,” Porfeli says.


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