After years of research and concept development, AdvancePierre Foods is launching its Fast Fixin' Sandwich Bar program.

This new initiative enables convenience stores to take their foodservice offerings to the next level with hot, fresh, customizable sandwiches in a self-serve format.

Utilizing patent-pending products and equipment, consumers can create their own sandwiches by choosing from heated burgers, chicken, and barbecue pork in addition to fresh toppings.

All Fast Fixin' Sandwich Bars come complete with everything needed to offer hot, fresh, self-serve sandwiches in a compact footprint.

AdvancePierre now provides its fully cooked sandwich meats in a proprietary pre-packaged tray designed specifically for the Fast Fixin' Sandwich Bar, which allows operators to heat the meats in the microwave, conventional, or convection oven, all while staying untouched in the patent-pending moisture-lock packaging, eliminating the need for employees to handle the individual product.

Heated proteins maintain their heat and freshness for up to four hours in the specially designed, appealing display case.

"The Fast Fixin' Sandwich bar is the solution that will allow any convenience store operator to easily take their lunch service to the quick-serve restaurant level," sats Tony Schroder, president of convenience channels at AdvancePierre Foods.

"AdvancePierre realized the need for convenience stores to grow their hot food sales, so using our decades of experience in the convenience and foodservice sectors, we conducted extensive product and equipment design research, in addition to consumer field testing, to create this revolutionary lunch solution that can be implemented with minimal effort by c-store operators."

The Fast Fixin' Sandwich Bar program currently offers a variety of protein options, including Angus beef and breaded chicken patties, as well as barbeque pork rib patties. AdvancePierre's famous bakery-fresh buns are available individually wrapped for use with the Fast Fixin' Sandwich Bar, and additional products are being developed.

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