indoorDIRECT Inc., owner of the Restaurant Entertainment Network, announced the formation of a new Advisory Board comprised of esteemed leaders from across media and entertainment industries.

The founding members of the Advisory Board—Tony Thomopoulos, Mark Lazarus, Jon Mandel, John Mass, and David Weitzner—will join forces with indoorDIRECT’s senior management and board of directors to strategically position the Restaurant Entertainment Network and promote its value to marketers seeking effective platforms to reach consumers.

“The enthusiasm and support of such an esteemed group of industry veterans validates the Restaurant Entertainment Network as a relevant and substantial advertising medium,” says Fred Margolin, CEO of indoorDIRECT. “Their depth of knowledge and expertise will help us to define this dynamic new category of restaurant entertainment and to refine our offering to ensure it is the preeminent solution for advertisers.”

Reaching more than 150 million consumers annually, the growing Restaurant Entertainment Network is located within 1,077 major brand quick-service and family-dining restaurants in America’s top Designated Market Areas (DMA). Through partnerships with over 100 leading media content providers, the network independently produces a mix of “bite-sized” music, sports, and pop-culture programs.

“Our network engages receptive consumers in a DVR-free setting, with high-dwell time, when they are on the path to purchase,” Margolin says. “Our Advisory Board will be integral as we continue to expand our network footprint and enhance ad placement and integration opportunities.”