Industry News | March 22, 2011

Age-Old Question: “Why Oh Why, Do I Love TCBY?”

Thirty years ago, right as the public began clamoring for healthier treats, Frank Hickingbotham created the first frozen yogurt concept and called it TCBY. “Frozen yogurt was the right idea that came at the right time,” Hickingbotham says. “We thought that we were on the threshold of a food concept that was ready to be received.”

Since that time, generations have grown up with the trademark TCBY “swirl.” From 1981 to 2011, frozen yogurt enthusiasts from kids to adults, and parents to grandparents, have enjoyed TCBY’s products globally. With more than 2 billion views every day, TCBY utilized YouTube as a platform to encourage its fans to submit a 30-second sentiment that captured their love and expressed their favorite memories of “The Country’s Best Yogurt.”

The winners of the 30th Anniversary YouTube Contest, Joel and Rebecca Klamer, along with their two children, created their video entitled, “Why Oh Why, Do I Love TCBY.” The family showcased not only their favorite flavors and products, but also shared their passion around the brand by creating a fun and catchy tune. The family was chosen not only for their creativity, but also for capturing the spirit of TCBY, which speaks to community, fun, and health, all things that TCBY is passionate about. Residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Klamer family will receive free TCBY for the entire 30th anniversary year in 2011.

“Since coming on board at TCBY, I have had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of customers about the brand and it’s amazing to see that the concept continues to resonate generation to generation. It truly is one of America’s iconic brands,” says Tim Casey, CEO of TCBY. “During our 30th Anniversary YouTube contest, we were once again reminded about the spirit of our loyal customers and we look forward to continuing to enhance the TCBY experience so that future memories can be made at all of our locations.”

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