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    Agency Wins Big at Subway Summit

  • Industry News November 24, 2008
    The Raleigh, North Carolina, marketing and communications agency, MSA, captured five awards--the most of any advertising agency, at the annual Subway Agency Summit held recently in New Orleans.

    Presented by Subway Franchisee Advertising Trust Fund (SFAFT), the summit is a series of meetings involving the 27 U.S. Advertising Agencies in the entire Subway system. The Summit’s “Agency Best Practices Awards” recognized Subway agencies in 16 categories. MSA received honors in:

    • Innovative marketing campaign [Frito-Lay in-store chip incidence program]

    • Media Buy

    • Best TV integration [local market involvement in NBC “Biggest Loser” show]

    • Sandwich Artist Sales Incentive program [$5,000 Showdown]

    • Best online local marketing campaign [PantsDance Revolution contest supporting Jared’s “Tour De Pants”].

    MSA represents Subway in 27 U.S. markets, making the firm the second largest advertising agency in the U.S. Subway system.

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