Solidifying its position as the leader in franchise development with a keen focus on growth and innovation, Fransmart has announced plans for a multi-billion dollar portfolio of category-leading franchise brands by the end of 2030.  To reach this goal, Fransmart will continue to identify and invest in concepts ripe for national and international expansion, while accelerating growth of its legacy brands.  Additionally, the company is expanding its best-in-class leadership team to support each of its brands with operational expertise and highly-effective sales and marketing strategies.

“To succeed in the world of franchising requires continual improvements to the brand’s business model, growth strategy, systems and processes,” says Dan Rowe, Fransmart CEO.  “And to sell the most franchises, you need more than great salespeople, you need brands that sell themselves with best-in-class unit economics and a large runway for growth, giving multi-unit franchisees the opportunity to double or triple their chance for success and often reinvest their profit into more units.”

World-renowned for its 30-year track record of identifying and growing standout brands like Five Guys’ Burgers & Fries, QDOBA, The Halal Guys and more, Fransmart will take its proven formula to the next level with its best-in-class leadership team and a growing pipeline of new brands with the right DNA to scale. Fransmart’s current portfolio of top emerging franchise include JARS by Fabio Viviani, Duff’s CakeMix, Taffer’s Tavern, Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken, PayMore, Curry Up Now, nomoo New American Burgers & More, Ike’s Love & Sandwiches, Savannah Seafood Shack, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and more.

As part of Fransmart’s multi-billion-dollar vision, the company will grow its portfolio to 10 category-leading franchise brands with more than 200 units each.  To help drive this vision forward, Fransmart has hired Shannon Keller as its first-ever Chief Marketing Officer. Keller, the former CMO of True Food Kitchen, an award-winning restaurant brand that she helped grow to 40 units during her tenure, will oversee the marketing strategy focused on driving franchise sales and effective consumer marketing initiatives designed to increase unit-level sales.

“What drew me to Fransmart was the opportunity to help brands rapidly expand their reach, influence and revenue-generating potential,” says Keller.  “We do more than just sell franchises, we go deep with each brand on a marketing strategy designed to increase sales performance and fuel consistent growth.” 

In 2021, Fransmart hired Don Baruch as Vice President of Franchise Support Operations. With his more than 25 years of experience working with some of the top franchise brands in the world, and a multi-unit franchisee owner himself, Baruch is helping Fransmart’s franchisors and franchisees optimize operations for profitability, growth and success.  

Fransmart brands are also guided by the expertise of the company’s Board of Directors, including: restaurant and hospitality expert, Joe Essa, President & CEO of the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, former President of Wolfgang Puck Worldwide;  John Oswald, President & CEO of the Capital Trust Group, and responsible for its worldwide investment banking operations with experience managing an extensive portfolio of office and retail real estate; and strategic advisor David McClaskey, known for operational excellence and assisting seven companies win Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards, including the only two restaurant recipients of the award.

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