AirVote announced that its solutions optimized for the restaurant industry have started turning the heads of the operations and management teams. Stand-alone food establishments and restaurant chains are looking to connect with their customers in the innovative instant and contactless QR Smiley format. Some are looking to AirVote for immediate customer feedback to quickly fix an issue in the dining room, at the register, or even inside a restroom stall.

“Restroom condition has always been perceived as an important factor in how customers judge a restaurant”, says Angelique Denneman, AirVote’s customer success chief. “Nowadays, the hygiene requirements push it even further. In the words of one customer’s AirVote comment from a restroom in a café: ‘…I am here third time and no hand soap. Not sure now if I want their employees to make my coffee.’”

Other customers, especially corporate headquarters of chain businesses, use real-time customer feedback to keep their hand on the pulse for their locations. AirVote’s easy implementation and reasonable usage costs open the door to companies with two or two thousand locations to establish one comprehensive customer feedback program.

All businesses benefit from AirVote’s intelligent feedback routing. Green QR Smiley offers happy guests a direct link to leave a Google, Yelp, or TripAdvisor review. Yellow or Red QR smileys can send instant alerts internally and away from social media.