HME Hospitality & Specialty Communications announced the launch of wireless vehicle detectors for curbside pick-up, mobile pick-up, and other drive-thru applications. Wireless vehicle detectors are more cost-efficient than traditional wired loops and enable restaurants to provide an additional order pick-up point. HME wireless vehicle detectors work with the Drive-Thru Optimization System to display metrics inside the restaurant.

“The cost-efficiency of wireless vehicle detectors makes curbside and mobile ordering pick-up options more readily available to restaurant operations,” says Paul Foley, President of HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications. “By providing an additional order pick-up point, restaurant operations are improved, enabling them to serve more guests.”

In curbside and mobile ordering applications, where customers order ahead of time and check-in when they arrive at the restaurant, wireless vehicle detectors working in conjunction with DTOS identify when cars park in the designated spot and track total wait time. For example, when a customer arrives for curbside pick-up, the ZOOM drive-thru timer shows the parked car, which changes from green to yellow to red to help ensure crew members provide the fastest possible service.

The ZOOM Timer stores all the data and provides historical performance information to easily pinpoint improvement opportunities. “In addition to helping restaurant operators better serve curbside and mobile order customers, wireless vehicle detectors significantly reduce installation times compared to wired loops,” says Foley. Wireless vehicle detectors can also be serviced and configured remotely, enabling HME technical support to identify issues before sending an installer to the restaurant, and therefore resolving issues faster.

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