Eat’n Park announced it has relaunched its Smiley Cookie website on the LCG Commerce platform powered by Magento. In just four weeks, conversion on the site is up 50 percent and average order value has improved by 30 percent. Eat’n Park needed the new Smiley Cookie site, which sells cookie gift baskets, among other things, to be flexible, easy to use, and based on a platform that would support plans for online growth by making it easy for Smiley Cookie fans to share a smile with anyone, anywhere, for any occasion.

Eat’n Park partnered with Chicago-based Lyons Consulting Group to redesign and develop the new site on the LCG Commerce platform, which includes a Create Your Own cookie configurator, allowing customers to view and change their custom cookie orders prior to purchase. The site integrates seamlessly with Eat’n Park’s warehouse management system and includes custom delivery options—allowing shoppers to ship cookies to multiple addresses from the same order and choose a special delivery date.

“We needed a customer-friendly website designed to make online shopping fun, fast, and easy for Smiley Cookie fans,” says Adam Golomb, director of eCommerce at Eat’n Park. “With the Create Your Own cookie option, customers can see exactly what their cookies will look like prior to shipping and instantly change the shape and colors all on one page.”

“Smiley Cookie is such a well-loved, joyful brand,” says Rich Lyons, CEO and president of Lyons Consulting Group. “We designed and built the site to bring that fun-loving experience online, and loaded it with all the back-end features and functionality Eat’n Park needed to meet its goals for selling more of these popular cookies via the web.”

Eat’n Park chose LCG Commerce powered by Magento for the Smiley Cookie site because it has all the marketing and promotional capabilities of well-known legacy e-commerce platforms, but without the high implementation and support costs.

“Magento was the most robust solution for our money,” Golomb says. “Plus Lyons Consulting Group provides quarterly updates—the fact that it’s all open source means we’ve basically got two development teams working for us all the time, constantly updating the platform and adding new features and functionality.”

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