Industry News | May 7, 2014

All-Vegan Bakery Cinnaholic to be on "Shark Tank"

Cinnaholic, an all-vegan bakery franchise, announced its upcoming appearance on “Shark Tank,” airing Friday, May 9, at 9 p.m. on ABC Television. During the episode, entrepreneurs Florian and Shannon Radke will share the success of their gourmet cinnamon roll bakery to the Sharks, with the goal of obtaining a deal that allows Cinnaholic to reach individuals across the country.

“When we first began to conceptualize Cinnaholic in 2010, never in our wildest dreams did we imagine our vegan cinnamon rolls receiving such national exposure and adoration,” says Florian Radke, co-owner of Cinnaholic. “From the first day I tried Shannon’s vegan cinnamon rolls, I knew we had something special. Our fantasy of opening a successful bakery became a reality after the instantaneous support we received when our doors opened in our home city of Berkeley. By going on Shark Tank, we are hoping to expand our business and bring our delicious vegan offerings to consumers nationwide.” 

According to a recent Vegetarian Times study, 7.3 million Americans are vegetarians, 1 million are vegans, and an additional 22.8 million are following a vegetarian-inclined diet. With restaurant goers asking for more vegetarian and vegan offerings when dining out, Cinnaholic’s “Shark Tank” appearance could be the first step in replicating the bakery’s flagship Berkeley store success and providing entrepreneurs and foodies the opportunity to serve its delicious and vegan offerings to cities across the country through franchising.

With the growth of other restaurant concepts on Shark Tank, such as Tom+Chee and Cousin’s Maine Lobster, Cinnaholic hopes to join the ranks of these concepts and see smart growth of the brand over the next year.  With a successful mail order program and the opportunity for franchise development, CInnaholic is poised to disrupt the sweets industry and prove that there is a place for an all-vegan concept in the space.

“We have both vegan and non-vegan customers from across the country that order our gourmet cinnamon rolls through our mail order program and have been asking for years for a Cinnaholic bakery to come to a city near them,” Radke says. “The opportunity to appear on Shark Tank will allow us to increase the visibility of our business and help us achieve our dream of expanding Cinnaholic nationwide.”

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Fantastic! Hope they succeed! I've tried Cinnaholic's cinnamon rolls and can attest that they are DELICIOUS.

Iplaced an order for cinnamon buns with Cinnaholic, LLC. on 8/28/2014. Their website claims to ship outproduct once a week on Mondays. The shipping is "2 Day USPS Priority Mail." Therefore, I planned on the perishableproduct to be shipped out Monday, September 1st. With that being a holiday, they pushed my ship date out toMonday September 8th. I rolledwith that unexpected hiccup and tried to make the most of the situation becausethey are a small business and I gave them the benefit of the doubt. In my opinion, I was exercising extremeleniency and I was prepared for the product to be shipped out the following Monday. So, if the perishable product wasshipped out Monday, 9/8, simple math suggests it would arrive by 9/10, maybe9/11 if some unexpected delay occurred. I calculated this out and planned on it arriving 9/10, worst casescenario 9/11/14. For those of youwho have mother in laws, you will also understand how ashamed youd be if youdid not have dessert for her birthday, which we celebrated 9/11/14. These cinnamon buns were her birthdaydessert. Ihad a wedding in Pittsburgh for which i had to leave on an airplane fromAtlanta on Friday 9/12. Still,when I left the house midday on 9/12, there still was no perishable productdelivered. I was in Pittsburgh for3 days. Apparently the product wasdelivered late on the day on 9/12/14, sat & roasted in the Atlanta sun allweekend on my front porch. Obviously the product was trashed by the time I returned home. Itis my stance that the EXTREME delay in shipping out from the Cinnaholicfacility caused this waste of product. I must make myself clear that I am not putting blame on USPS. Regardless of inefficiency of the USPS,Cinnaholic, LLC did not hold up their end of the transaction by getting theproduct to the shipping facility in time to allow the 2 Day Priority mail tofunction. Ergo, I firmly believeCinnaholic should absorb the cost of this mistake and therefore I am disputingthis charge. If this companycannot swiftly get product to the shipping facility to allow the shippingcompany to swiftly deliver the product, blame should fall on that company. Simply put, if Cinnaholic cannotefficiently produce and ship these perishable desserts in a timely matter, theyshould not be in the business of shipping such. I've dealt with Paypal with hundreds of other transactions. Thisis the first issue that I've had to call on them. I trust Paypal will do theright thing for the consumer. Anyone can see that placing an order for a perishableproduct on 8/28/14 and not receiving it until 9/12/13 is unacceptable.Respectfully,Dr. Branden Hayes

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