AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo, a leading food allergy and gluten-free training program, will recognize outstanding leaders in the foodservice industry through the AllerTrain 2017 Food Allergy Awards. The awards will honor restaurants and universities that are at the forefront of food allergy safety standards and training.

AllerTrain is requesting nominations for restaurant brands and universities that deserve to be celebrated for their achievements in food allergy safety and awareness. Nominations will be accepted through April 21. Click here for the nomination form.

The winners, chosen by a panel of top food allergy safety trainers and experts, will be announced Sunday, May 21, at the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show in Chicago.

A total of seven awards will be presented in the following categories:

2017 Best Food Allergy Training (2 awards): Presented to one restaurant brand and one university that has made the biggest impact through the education and training of their team.

2017 Best Food Allergy Innovation (2 awards): Presented to one restaurant brand and one university that has gone above and beyond in providing new ways to cater to customers with food allergies and special diets.

2017 Best Food Allergy Champion (2 awards): Presented to an individual from one restaurant brand and one university who has demonstrated their long-standing dedication to food allergy safety and partnership with AllerTrain.

2017 Best Overall Food Allergy Program (1 award): Presented to a single restaurant or university with the most comprehensive and effective food allergy program.

“Food safety and allergy training is such an important component of today’s food service industry and we want to distinguish and reward the establishments that are setting the industry standard,” says Betsy Craig, founder, AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo. “There are so many restaurants and schools dedicated to allergen safety, training and education, and these awards are the best way we can honor the great work these brands are doing.”

AllerTrain offers the only ANSI accredited food allergy and gluten-free training courses in the foodservice industry, and provides nutritional counseling and policy development. The course has been approved to provide allergen training for both the state of Michigan and Montgomery County, Maryland. AllerTrain teaches foodservice professionals about the top foods causing food allergies, proper protocol for preparing food to avoid cross-contact and to how better serve diners with special dietary needs.

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