In a report recently released by Technomic, emerging consumer trends clearly showed a continued increase in salad consumption, when purchasing meals away from home.

This category growth appears to be driven by consumers’ dual desire for healthier meals, as well as their economic reaction to the rising price of proteins.

Anchor Packaging has long been at the forefront of observing shifts in consumer behavior, and then providing the packaging solutions to enable the food products consumers desire.  Anchor’s most recent new product launches, Crystal Classics 8” PET Bowls and 7” PET bowls, are the latest examples of Anchor’s focus in this key area.

Observing that some of the most successful operators utilize a salad program with both a Mid-size and Large salad offering, Anchor created these two product lines, with an identical “family look”.

Introducing Anchor’s new CPS700s and CPS800s—square, black, low-profile bowls that make excellent use of your valuable space, when merchandising in grab-n-go cold display cases, refrigerated shelves, staging on counters, or stacked in carryout bags.

CPS700 Series offers 3 bowls for a Mid-sized portion—12 oz., 16 oz., and 24 oz. versions of this 7” footprint with a single lid.

The 24 oz. serving is unique; in this smaller footprint, it provides an upscale PET package for a 24 oz. salad at a cost not previously possible. The 7” dimension, as well as the square shape, also provides better space utilization than can be found in other larger footprint 24 oz. bowls.

CPS800 Series was created for the Large offering—20oz., 32oz., and 48 oz. The 20 oz. bowl option was created to allow operators to reduce their food cost by 20%, while still providing an attractive salad in a Large 8” footprint. 

The 4 oz. reduction in capacity also ties in with consumers’ recent desires for smaller portion sizes.  The 32 oz. and 48 oz. sizes of this series offer multiple serving options, while optimizing space, through the square design and 8” dimension.

The CPS700 and CPS800 Series, as well as, all Crystal Classics bowls and lids are…

  • Recyclable. Made of #1 PET, preferred for recycling nationwide.
  • Crack-Resistant. Stand up to cold temperatures and won’t break, even if dropped.
  • Easy to use. Lids apply quickly, providing excellent operational efficiency. Textured tabs on both the bowl and lid facilitate easy removal by the consumer.
  • Leak-Resistant. Designed with an inner/outer double seal. Keeps food “fresh”.
  • Stackable. Each footprint allows for positive stacking on display, while staging, or in a carryout bag.

Even with all of these rich features and unique size options, all Crystal Classics bowls, including the new CPS700 and CPS800 Series, are surprisingly affordable.

With the addition of these new bowl options, Anchor Packaging now offers 16 different Crystal Classics cold PET bowls and lids –round and square, black and clear—that range in capacity from 8 oz. all the way up to 48 oz.

Anchor Packaging’s product line includes a broad variety of upscale take-out packaging used restaurants and other foodservice operations, as well as, containers for merchandising prepared ready-to-heat meals in supermarkets deli cup containers, all-purpose foodservice cling wrap. 

Culinary Classics, Culinary Basics, MicroRaves, Incredi-Bowl, MicroRounds, the Roaster, Microlite, CrystalClear, Gourmet Classics, Bon Faire, and AnchorFoil, are among Anchor’s unique product brands. Anchor also provides custom package design and manufacture for many large food companies in the U.S. and Canada.