Industry News | May 5, 2005

McDonald’s and Coca-Cola Join Fight Against Breast Cancer

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This Mother's Day, McDonald's will renew its nationwide commitment to breast cancer awareness and education by supporting the courageous efforts of organizations including Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization and City of Hope Cancer Center.

"McDonald's and Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC) are proud to work with Y-ME and City of Hope Cancer Center in support of breast cancer awareness and education," says Ken Barun, corporate senior vice president, McDonald's Corporation, president and chief executive officer, RMHC, and national honorary walk chairman, Y-ME. "Not only are we are dedicated to the well-being of children around the world, we care about their families and wish to help all those whose lives are touched by this disease."

With the support of The Coca-Cola Company (DASANI®), McDonald's restaurants nationwide will showcase educational table tents featuring early detection messages and contact information for breast cancer support. Championed by the McDonald's Women's Operator Network and Women's Leadership Network, McDonald's fight against breast cancer will expand from the restaurants to McDonald's USA web site in May with the launch of a breast cancer awareness page at . The page features early detection tips from Y-ME, links to important breast cancer resources and information from Dean Ornish, M.D., founder, president and director of the non-profit Preventive Medicine Research Institute.

Selected restaurants are also showing their support by selling specialty menu items and pink ribbons to raise funds for City of Hope Cancer Center, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer through research and development.

McDonald's also supports Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization in its mission to ensure, through information, empowerment and peer support, that no one faces breast cancer alone. McDonald's is a presenting sponsor of the 14th Annual Y-ME RACE Against Breast Cancer in Chicago and Y-ME's inaugural Walk to Empower in Houston and San Diego on Mother's Day, May 8. This year, Gloria Alvarez, wife of Ralph Alvarez, president, McDonald's North America, and a breast cancer survivor, will serve as an honorary member of Team McDonald's in Chicago. First diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, Alvarez has been breast cancer free for five years.

"As a breast cancer survivor, I know first-hand how important it is to educate women and families about breast cancer detection and treatment," says Gloria Alvarez. "I'm proud to join McDonald's commitment to this cause. We all hope to find a cure."


Wake up America! These very companies and their products are a huge part of the rise in the number of breast cancer victims! Take the time to research and read about it. Honestly, when will you, the masses wake up? Turn off the TV and look up on the internet, ask your doctors how to eat healthy, and be healthy so your body can prevent, PREVENT, getting cancer. Not try and treat it once you have it.These coorporate owners are sitting back in their big offices , making all sorts of money,and laughing at all of us. Eat their processed meats, drink their sodas on a regular basis and You will get Cancer! Guaranteed! Unless, of course, you die of a heart attack, first. This kind of participation is like having Camel support lung cancer research , Coppertone support skin cancer research, the makers of Roundup support prostrate cancer research or Budweiser support Mothers Against Drunk Drivers events. Bottomline, If you eat their product on a regular basis, you will become a prime candidate for cancer.I realize you want to eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, sit on your couch for endless hours a day (watching their commercials) and never get up and exercise to sweat out all the toxins we ingest, then go spray Roundup on your weeds because it works fast for you. Fine. But doing so will give you cancer over time. Not today, maybe not tomorrow, but over time. Just like smoking will over time give you lung cancer. You know tthat much right? You drink and drive, eventually you will be in a car accident and probably harm or even kill someone. You understand that much, right?So try and make the connection with what and how you eat affects if you will get cancer in your lifetime. It is not that hard. I bet first graders get that. But adults, they want it all. They want to eat what they want and hope for a cure. Now stop for just a moment and think about that. Doesn't that sound a bit foolish?Don't let them fool you. They are not in your corner. They are out to make lots of money and then live great lives spending it all on themselves. McDonalsds and Coke are only out to sell more cancer causing products with this new campaign and at the same time they are trying to polish their image, all at your expense. They are counting on you to be stupid, trusting Americans. Prove to yourselves you are smarter than that, smarter than them.Wake up America, or sit back and accept that you are probably going to get breast cancer if you ingest their products. You asked for and you paid for it.To the owners of Coke and McDonald's, who will probably delete this email before it ever gets posted, examine your own conscience please. If you still have one. You have to know you are part of the problem of Cancer and Obesity in this country. So please do not add insult to injury by supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer.I will be posting this message on as many sites as possible, in as many ways as possible, so the truth gets out. When you go to sleep at night, Coke and McDonalds execs, I hope the last thing you think of and then the first thing you think of when you wake up, is how you, the Makers of Coke and McDonalds products helped make millions and millions of people get, GET, cancer, not cured from cancer. You are not, NOT, helping to fight cancer. Don't kid yourselves. Pleasant dreams.

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