As of Wednesday, Andy’s Frozen Custard is relaunching its Baked Fresh Daily waffle cones.  

Similar to Andy’s, the waffle cone first became a treat in Missouri. In the early 1900s, the waffle cone is said to have been invented when an ice cream stand at the St. Louis World’s Fair ran out of cups and borrowed waffle-like crepes from another vendor to create an edible container. And the rest is history. Andy’s now has hand-rolled waffle cones, guaranteeing customers a fresh, crispy, buttery treat to enhance the Made Fresh Hourly™ frozen custard for which they are known.

“We take pride in our state’s history of innovation, and the invention of the waffle cone nearly 117 years ago is no exception,” says Andy’s Frozen Custard president Andy Kuntz. “Andy’s Frozen Custard has perfected this crepe-like treat and we look forward to serving our customers a sweet addition to our Baked Fresh Daily treats.”

Customers can enjoy Andy’s hand-rolled waffle cone treats as a cone, as a crushed topping on a build-your-own treat, or as part of Andy’s new Nutty Waffle Crunch Concrete featuring Andy’s vanilla frozen custard, chunks of homemade waffle cone, crushed nuts, and melted chocolate chips. Those on-the-go can also take the item home with Andy’s Quart Combo—a quart of frozen custard, four made in-house waffle cones, and hot fudge for drizzling on top—part of their Andy’s Anywhere line of treats. 

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