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    The Answer to Your Staffing Problems?

  • Industry News January 22, 2009
    The Web site Servinity addresses both halves of the staffing problem for restaurants –- filling jobs and managing employees. It does so by combining a job-finding site, online scheduling application, and social network.

    Servinity began with the recognition of an industry-wide problem. Jeff Gewirtz, a bar owner in Atlanta, grew increasingly frustrated at the lack of options that would allow him to fill jobs and manage his staff. So he created one. Jeff’s vision was later validated by others, including George McKerrow Jr., founder of Longhorn Steakhouse and CEO of Ted’s Montana Grill.

    “Servinity is a futuristic approach to hiring, scheduling, and communication with our team members,” says McKerrow, who joined the Servinity board.

    Servinity takes communication tools used by professionals outside of work -- Internet, e-mail, cell phone, SMS text messaging, and social networks -- and combines them for the explicit purpose of staffing. For the staff, the interface is familiar; they are part of a social network and receive a text message telling them when to be at work or that a shift is available. But for the employer, Servinity is a business tool used to fill jobs, engage staff, improve communication, and reduce turnover.

    “The name Servinity is derived from the words 'service' and 'serenity,'” says CEO Josh Luber, “And that's the goal - to provide serenity to the owners, managers, and staff in the service industry dealing with staffing issues.” Features:

    • Employment site: job board; dynamic resume search; applicant tracking; and Craigslist integration
    • Online scheduling: anywhere, anytime access; customizable schedules; requests for time off; shift trades; e-mail and text alerts
    • Social network: robust profiles; staff networks; internal restaurant networks; upload and share documents