Apex Order Pickup Solutions, a leading global provider of  self-serve automated pickup solutions for use in foodservice, retail and b-to-b ecommerce, and Welbilt, Inc., a leading global provider of commercial foodservice equipment, today announce the launch of OrderHQ, a smart locker series that integrates with existing point of  sale and other back-of-house management systems to make it easier for restaurants to offer quick  and convenient order pickup experiences.  

The 3rd generation of smart lockers designed by Apex, the OrderHQ Series will be manufactured  by Welbilt’s Merco brand in the United States and sold under both the Apex and Merco brands.  

Contactless pickup in seconds 

The OrderHQ Series automates the last inch of the digital journey, providing customers and  delivery service providers with a secure, quick, and easy way to pick up their order and be on  their way. Order-ready notifications are sent at the optimal time to minimize wait time and include a unique pickup code to authenticate at the locker. The compartments also feature indicator lights  to help guide customers to find their order for pickup. The entire pickup process lasts less than 10 seconds. 

Enhanced data visibility 

Powered by ApexIQ software, the OrderHQ locker solution provides restaurant operators data insights to enhance the customer experience and improve efficiency for off-premises orders.  Using enhanced sensing technology combined with integration to front and back of house  systems, operators will know the time it took to prepare and load the order, as well as the dwell  time of the order in the pickup locker. This helps operators minimize dwell time and maintain food 

quality while gaining valuable insights into their operations. 

Increasing labor efficiency 

The OrderHQ Series offers both Flow-Thru and Front-Load options. The lockers come in floor  and countertop models to optimize usage within a variety of restaurant footprints. The system is also easily scalable by adding lockers as needed. Branding options are available to allow  operators to design the lockers as an extension of their brand experience. Employees can now  focus almost exclusively on making and loading orders: the order load is frictionless, while the  order hand-off is automated. This significantly reduces the amount of labor required to manage  off-premises orders. 

“With OrderHQ, restaurant and foodservice operators have a secure and contactless way to  streamline order fulfillment and pickup,” says Apex Order Pickup Solutions Chief Executive Officer Mike Wills. “This next-generation design incorporates features to further streamline the operational experience and make it easier for their team members to load orders into the locker  and move on to the next customer.”  

Commenting of the joint launch of the OrderHQ Series, Nick Patterson, Vice President and  Managing Director at Merco, says: “Restaurants and foodservice operators have increasingly  turned to Apex to help them successfully offer contactless order pickup options during the  pandemic and provide expert guidance in making this process as efficient as possible. The launch  of the OrderHQ Series brings together two leaders in the foodservice industry and expands the  solutions Merco can offer restaurant operators around the world.” 

The new OrderHQ Series will be on display during The Show Beyond The Show live broadcast from Welbilt Headquarters on Thursday, September 2 and at FSTec in Dallas, TX at Apex Order  Pickup Solutions Booth 602. 

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