Erbert and Gerbert's Sandwich Shop presents the Apollo, a new Olympian sandwich available for a limited time at stores across the system.

Customers should be prepared to conquer their cravings with this Apollo Signature Sandwich loaded with chicken breast, cherrywood smoked bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, Hellmann's mayo, and the heroic chipotle citrus BBQ sauce.

"In the spirit of the upcoming Olympic games, we're excited to roll out the new Apollo, a fresh, healthy sandwich that offers a sweet taste with a bit of a kick," says Eric Wolfe, CEO and president, E&G Franchise Systems, Inc. "Our sandwich flavors set us apart, and we encourage everyone to come out and experience the new Apollo sandwich creation."

The Erbert and Gerbert's Sandwich Shop concept was inspired by childhood stories told by the founder's father, which centered on two imaginary boys, Erbert and Gerbert Herbert, who experienced adventures throughout space and time. Along the way, they met such interesting characters as Halley's Comet, Jacob Bluefinger and Comet Morehouse–now the names of Erbert and Gerbert's sandwiches.

The childhood story on how Apollo sandwich came to be goes like this:

During a trip back to ancient Greece, Halley's Comet dropped Erbert and Gerbert off for a visit to Delphi. There they met Apollo, one of the twelve Olympian Deities.

"What's up?" asked Erbert, disarming the oracular god with his boyish curiosity.

"Well, I have just slain the Python, an earth-dragon who lived here to protect the navel of the Earth," Apollo explained.

"Wow!" shouted a wide-eyed Erbert.

"I would have been chicken to fight a giant earth-dragon serpent-creature thing," added Gerbert, timidly. "How did you beat him?"

Apollo chuckled and answered, "As the god of archery, I relied upon the sting of my arrow to wound the beast. But I'm pretty sure I finished him with a good swift kick."

"Sweet, with a kick?!" exclaimed Erbert, in awe.

Seeing that Apollo was clearly hungry from his battle, the boys scrambled to put together a sandwich worthy of their new friend. After thinking for a few moments, Erbert and Gerbert looked at each other, smiled and said in unison, "Sweet. With a kick." And the Apollo was born.

The Apollo sandwich will be available in stores until June 3, 2012, and sells for $5.99.

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