Boloco, a chain of burrito restaurants based in Boston, has partnered with an innovative group buying platform, LevelUp.

LevelUp, a pilot program from location-based game SCVNGR, is garnering attention for its business model, which offers three levels of deals to encourage loyalty to a business and enable consumers to “level up” for better savings each time they use the deal. Additionally, 100 percent of LevelUp’s proceeds (25 percent of total sales) from every “Level 1” deal purchased are donated to a selected nonprofit.

LevelUp is locally based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is currently being offered to the Greater Boston and Philadelphia markets.

On the iPhone and Android, the LevelUp app has a geolocation feature, so someone who is hungry and walking through Copley Square in Boston can check the LevelUp app on their phone and immediately see the boloco deal because at its nearby location. They can then activate the coupon and show the QR code on their phone to the boloco cashier to instantly receive a discount.

For boloco, the partnership with LevelUp was natural, says CEO John Pepper. “LevelUp fits perfectly with our core principals. We’re able to offer our guests a chance to explore our unique menu over multiple visits and at the same time raise money and spread awareness for a nonprofit in need, Teach for America. We have up until now avoided any form of group buying programs where we simply gave away a large discount.  LevelUp has changed the playing field, and we loved being the first business in their launch line-up.” 

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